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How To Sign Up for Paperless Billing

How To Sign Up for Paperless Billing

How To Sign Up for Paperless Billing

Paper has a way of piling up, so why not try going paperless?

For most Whitbeck Insurance personal lines customers*, your online account and the ERIE mobile app can help you go green and reduce your carbon footprint. Now, there’s another option at your fingertips: paperless billing. Here’s how (and why!) to sign up.

Why Make the Switch?

In 2019, the United States Postal Service delivered more than 142 billion pieces of mail. That adds up to more than 34 million trees (and let’s not even get into the gallons of gas burned to deliver).

As an ERIE customer, you can opt in for paperless billing, which eliminates the paper invoice you currently receive. You’ll get an email notifying you when your bill is due with a link to the actual invoice.

Say goodbye to stacks of paper on your desk. There are many benefits to turning your paper invoices digital.

  • It helps the environment. Fewer paper statements lessen the demand for trees and lower air pollution made during paper production.
  • Access your information anytime, anywhere. Paperless means you can check your invoices at your desk or on vacation. A quick click and you can view your invoice history and pay your bill.
  • It’s a time saver. No more sorting, printing, recycling, mailing or filing your insurance bill. It’s easy to document things digitally.
  • You can conquer the clutter. Whether you have a top-notch filing system or a shoebox filled with essential documents, going paperless can free up some space.

How to sign up for paperless billing with ERIE

Through your online account or ERIE’s mobile app, go to Settings and turn on the new paperless billing option.

Don’t have an online account? No problem; it’s easy to register. Your online account offers immediate access to details about your ERIE policy. Plus, you can pay your bill, access your insurance ID card (not available in New York), check your claim status and contact Whitbeck Insurance Agency.

How will I get notified of my invoice?

Check your email. ERIE will send a message to the email address associated with your online account. The email will include a link to your invoice.

Go Paperless with ERIE

Not ready to go paperless? Don’t worry! We aren’t removing paper altogether. But if you need another way to go green, be sure to set up your online account or download the ERIE mobile app to begin digitizing your paper bills.

If you have questions on paperless billing, check in with your local ERIE agent.

*Commercial, ERIE Family Life, annuity or disability income policies, policies on account billing and policies paid via ESCROW are not available for paperless billing.