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When Should I Call My Insurance Agent?

People are often shocked at the difference in premium between one model of car and another. Factors such as how often a particular model is seen in accidents or is stolen — both within and outside your locality—can have an impact, regardless of your personal driving record. Always talk to your agent before you upgrade your ride, and you may save yourself some unforeseen hassle.

Our Pride and Joy: ERIE Agents

In a world of virtual conveniences, it’s reassuring to know that trained professionals are ready to help you — both in planning for the future and in times of crisis. At ERIE, we’ve been working side-by-side with the best agents in the business to bring our customers superior insurance choices since 1925. Today, millions of customers trust our agents to help them with their insurance needs.

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While the information age has graced us with many online conveniences, there are areas of importance where only a conversation with another person will do.

Insurance is one of those topics.

Talking things over with a friendly, knowledgeable agent — especially one from a proven provider who knows your circumstances personally — can mean a big difference when it comes to planning your security.

But when do those conversations take place? Should you call your agent for every curveball life throws at you, or is it the sort of situation in which you only speak to one another when there’s smoke in the air and sirens wailing?

The Human Touch: Your Insurance Agent

Your insurance agent is more than just a friendly payment gateway to your insurance policy. These rigorously licensed individuals work in a complex landscape of rules, numbers and conditions, and they can help you navigate the often-baffling world of insurance.

Common reasons to speak with an agent include:

  • Help with claims. One of the primary reasons to contact an insurance agent is to file a claim after an incident. An agent can also help navigate the claims process, understand what documents are needed and get updates on the status of an ongoing claim.
  • Policy changes. Individuals often reach out to their agents when they need to update their policy. Changes may include modifying coverage in response to significant life events such as buying a new home, purchasing a new vehicle, getting married or having a child.
  • Questions about coverage. Policyholders frequently have questions about what their insurance covers, premium costs and payment processing. Your agent can also periodically review your coverage with you to ensure it remains adequate.
  • Insurance advice. Agents can be particularly useful for advice on how to best protect assets, whether it’s choosing the right policy type or selecting coverage amounts.
  • Risk management and prevention advice. Your agent can be a great resource for guidance on how to lower risks and better manage premiums. Think of things like installing a home security system or taking a defensive driving course.

Pop Quiz

With that knowledge in mind, let’s cruise through a quick quiz about when to call your agent. See if you can tell whether the statement being made is true or false.

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